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Chalmene Boland 

Owner/ Head Chef


Chalmene Boland, a native of New Orleans Louisiana, started at a young age learning her way around the kitchen. Her father Daniel Boland, a self-proclaimed home chef, started his own catering business in the'80s. Chalmene closely followed the footsteps of her father, which continuously piqued her interest. Even though her father was a self-taught chef, he was well known in his community for his delicious cuisine, amazing catering events, and charity donations. Chalmene quickly learned in order to become a great cook, you must possess a great passion for cooking. As an advantage living in New Orleans, Chalmene, learned one of the greatest secrets the city holds, which is some of the best Cajun and Creole recipes originating from the natives. You can go almost anywhere in the city and get good tasty New Orleans cuisines, so Chalmene has a strong desire and passion to reflect that same mission here at Cha’Tee. As she recognized this important mission, she studied side by side with her father as if she was an apprentice under a world-renowned chef. While under the influence of her fathers’ passion for catering, it afforded Chalmene the opportunity to experience culinary arts non traditionally, and that Inspired her greatly. Chalmene started working as a server, then a cook all while learning the business side of catering. There’s always an event happening every weekend in New Orleans, in which her father was highly requested to cater, from catering backyard barbecues, banquets, club meetings, parties, Mardi Gras Galas, and weddings. Chalmene was always there working side by side with her father and she was always overwhelmed with joy to be a part of those events, which is the heartbeat of the city.

After several captivating years of working with her father, Chalmene decided to one day follow her father's passion and create her own catering business. Chalmene, the youngest of six siblings brought over 20 years of experience to Texas and shortly after moving there in 1998 she strategically planned the launch of ChaTee’ Event Planning Catering. Chalmene thought bringing a taste of New Orleans to Texas would be a great idea, however; it didn't happen overnight. As she pushed through many obstacles, the dream finally became the reality. Cha'Tee was founded in 2009, offering Texans the opportunity to experience some of New Orleans's favorite cuisines, such as fancy style New Orleans hors d'oeuvres, with a spin of traditional New Orleans cuisines. ChaTee' created hors d'oeuvres and dishes that were sure to please as we had the pleasure of working with many couples in the Houston area who said the same! Cha'Tee is delighted to serve and satisfy your taste buds with a touch of class and flavorful New Orleans cuisines that will surely have you coming back for more!

Troylyn Mccormick

 Lead Designer 


New Orleans has a way of branding natives, simply by the way they cook. Their distinctive style is unique to each. Troylyn, a native of NOLA was born into a family of cooks with deep roots and family recipes. At a very young age, Troylyn proved she was definitely a natural-born cook! She learned how to move around the kitchen, rolling meatballs, peeling shrimp, and handling huge chef pots and pans...she experienced it all! She learned her grandfather's recipes, how to set a table, the importance of detail, proper etiquette, and how to entertain. She understood all were important factors to the business. Alongside her mother, Troylyn had first-hand experience working in the catering business as she mastered Cha'Tee's hor d'oeuvres, all while sharing new ideas. Troylyn's quality efforts proved she had a lot to offer. She expressed a strong interest in the arts and through her designs, clearly she's an artist by nature. Her creations are custom to each client and it adds unique style to the business. The detail in her designs displays elegance in a majestic showcase. Troylyn's innovative ideas present Cha'Tee hors d'oeuvres and cocktail stations with class! Cha'Tee recognized Troylyn's decorative skills as a great asset to the business so they decided their protégé must become the Lead Designer.

Tyrell Savwoir

 Operations Manager 


New Orleans, has a way of gathering people together to enjoy great food. Tyrell, born in the big easy, the youngest of 7 siblings, found herself in the kitchen watching her older siblings cook. Tyrell learned her way around the kitchen in no time and started creating her meals. In New Orleans, family gatherings are the norm, neighbors are neighborly and cruises are unique to each cook. From Sunday to Saturday, Tyrell's family grew accustom to New Orleans traditions and this became their norm. Before long, Tyrell was cooking a different meal all unique to her style. Tyrell, excited about her new friend Chalmene and her passion to cook, also learned her father was a chef with his own catering business. Chalmene excited about her new friend, introduced Tyrell to her Dad and shared Tyrells love for cooking. Tyrell's love for cooking became a common conversation with Chalmene that led to a friendship for over 40 years till this day. The two became the best of friends and started cooking together, sharing tips and recipes. Tyrell's interest in catering grew as she watched and learned new techniques all while working alongside her bestie. Tyrell, amazed by the elegance of catering, decided she too wanted to assist Chalmene in her future endeavors. A few years later after college, Tyrell decided it was time for a change. Following her oldest sister to Texas was the change she needed, however; leaving her bestie wasn't going to be easy! Tyrell encouraged Chalmene to make that move and bring a taste of New Orleans to Texas. Chalmene thought it through, and decided bringing New Orleans favors to Texans was a great idea! After all the talks and dreams of owning their own catering business someday, their dreams finally became their reality. Cha'Tee Event Planning and Catering was born in 2009 and the rest is history! 

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