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Daniel L. Boland Jr 

January 13, 1932 to July 7, 2017


In the city where food is an expression of love and used as a conversation piece, Daniel L. Boland Jr., born in New Orleans, grew up in the city's downtown section (6th ward). Daniel, the middle child of his siblings, inquisitive and eager to learn, fell in love with food at a young age. His passion for great-tasting food was ignited by the aroma coming from the kitchen as he listened to his mother sing in French. Singing while cooking was a traditional morning call for breakfast. This memory inspired him 

always to embrace cooking with love. 

Watching his mother cook unique dish after dish with little ingredients to work with, he learned the Holy Trinity of fresh seasonings can make a difference in every dish! Growing up in Creole, French and Irish influences, Daniel learned the importance of authentic cruises. Daniel's determination and love for cooking positioned him to become a server working for L&N Railroad. While working as a server, Daniel learned proper etiquette, and with his great personality, he found himself working private parties in addition to the Railroad. Through those experiences, he was introduced to catering. Daniel's exposure grew throughout social society while working under the direction of Cinderella Catering Service. Daniel expressed his passion for cooking and wanted to learn all there was to become a great cook. As a server, he learned about different types of hors d'oeuvres which piqued his interest even greater. His inquisitive mind, love for food, passion, and tenacity led him to a position in the kitchen. Daniel jumped in like a trained culinary chef eager to learn the recipes of all the fancy hors d'oeuvres. He knew the authenticity of each hors d'oeuvres and that it was a delicacy, an elegant bite of food. During that era, New Orleans social and pleasure clubs began to form, and many opportunities afforded him experience working for social groups 

throughout the city.  

After many years at Cinderella Catering Service, the company started to dissolve and eventually closed. Daniel went on to pursue his passion and decided to open his own catering business. 

Though he was small in business, he was well known in his community and repeatedly requested his amazing cuisines and unique hors d'oeuvres. New Orleans is known for great food, and it's not hard to find. However, in the '50s and '60s, fancy hors d'oeuvres were not common outside social society groups. Daniel wanted to present his clients with authentic Creole and Cajun cuisine in a fancy hors d'œuvre, same taste but a different presentation. His big heart for others awarded him with popularity amongst his peers. Daniel's generosity extended by donations to local churches, his service, discounting his food packages, teaching others how to cook almost anything, and much more. Daniel was known to be a selfless man who gave his all to help others. Many that trained under him start their own catering business. His passion for cooking was infectious! He put his heart into everything he cooked, and he never grew tired of talking about food.  After years of running his own business, he decided its time to retire, so he thought! With his popularity and exceptional skills, a professional meat carver was needed at one of the biggest catering companies in New Orleans. Coming out of retirement to help an old friend from Cinderella Catering Services, he went on to work for the city of New Orleans - City Park. Given 19 more years in catering, Daniel passed the  Apron to his daughter Chalmene. Daniel insisted on teaching her every aspect of the catering business and his amazing recipes. Chalmene proudly took the apron and started on her journey to become a great cook like her father. Cha'Tee Event Planning and Catering is an extension of Daniel L. Boland Jr.'s unique recipes and his infectious love for food that still lives on.

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